In 2021 I completed a Java based sound library for Processing 3/4 called Pd++ for Processing 3, or Pd4P3.  It is based on my Pd++ library  (resler / pd — Bitbucket) which is a C++ library based on the signal processing object code from Pure Data. The library source code lives here: robertesler/Pd4P3: (github.com) You can … [Read more…]


I once used the Cordova framework to create a simple app for a client.  It seemed like having a Cordova plugin to run Pure Data patches would be interesting.  It uses the libpd backend with a Cordova plugin wrapper. It lives here: http://www.github.com/robertesler/cordova-pd There are also some GUI objects made in Javascript in the style … [Read more…]

Animal Companion – Heard Museum Exhibit

  Animal Companion was an exhibit at the Heard Museum for their Super Heroes exhibit from May 2015 to August 2015.  The basic idea was to incorporate five animals that are significant to several native tribes in Arizona into an interactive media installation. The installation was created by my arts collective urbanSTEW.  Our design concept … [Read more…]

Cetus Square

Cetus Square is a generative, ambient music and soundscape application. The music this application creates will never repeat, and will never end until you say so. In the background you may hear whale-like sounds (i.e, the constellation Cetus), these are all generated too. None of the sounds you are hearing are recorded, which means you … [Read more…]


  Pd++ is a C++ audio synthesis library.  It is based on the C code of Pure Data.  Pd++ implements Pd objects as C++ classes.  It is an open source library with a simplified BSD license.  For more information, documentation or download go to: https://bitbucket.org/resler/pd/wiki/Home UPDATE:  There is now a project that shows how to … [Read more…]

The Amyloid Project

A collaboration between urbanSTEW and ASU Physics Professor Dr. Vaiana, the purpose of this project is to create a multifaceted artwork that will bring research about intrinsically disordered proteins to life.  Makezine just recently featured our work in progress, read more here: http://makezine.com/magazine/the-amyloid-project/ My main contribution to the project is the audio design and music composition. … [Read more…]

DynaMO – Generative Music Development Project

For many years I have wanted to develop a generative music system that uses passive interactivity.  Essentially, a system that generates music based on the users’ everyday activity. In 2012 I developed the first of a series of generative music objects, programmed in C++.  The first is simply called dynamo, which stands for Dynamic Musical … [Read more…]

The NEW Intonarumori (2013)

  In 1913 a group of Italian Futurists proposed a bold treatise, that noises (of all types) deserve to be included in the musical lexicon as equals to their instrumental equivalents.  With that being said, Luigi Russolo and Francesco Balilla Pratella decided to take this a step further and create quasi-instruments or rather Intonarumori to produce a bricolage … [Read more…]

Groovology II

Groovology II is the second installation of a series of games designed to learn and create music.  This project is a collaboration with Stejpan Rajko of urbanSTEW who has developed a majority of the graphical programming.  My part has been the audio design and programming.  We are using Processing with libpd, consult this page for … [Read more…]