Groovology II

Groovology II is the second installation of a series of games designed to learn and create music.  This project is a collaboration with Stejpan Rajko of urbanSTEW who has developed a majority of the graphical programming.  My part has been the audio design and programming.  We are using Processing with libpd, consult this page for … [Read more…]

Groovology at PHX Maker Faire

urbanSTEW's "Groovology"

Groovolgy is a skill-based game where people compete against themselves, and others, to test and analyze their groove-abilities. The game is inspired by a post-Guitar Hero world where good grooves can defeat evil. Groovology is in it’s very early stages and will eventually evolve into an immersive game experience where beats battle and music is … [Read more…]

IR Water Controller

IR Water Controller is the formulation of an instrument that uses the motion of water to bend IR light that is picked up by a Wiimote’s IR camera.  From there the amount of distortion from the IR LED underneath a vessel of water is mapped onto a simple synthesizer.  This instrument was used during the … [Read more…]

Solo for Melody Instrument

Solo for Melody Instrument and Feedback Loop by Karlheinz Stockhausen.  This work is for any melodic instrument and uses a Schema to construct a score and execute the various assistant’s controls of the Feedback Loop. Solo for Melody Instrument and Feedback Loop, recording In my 2006 version, I sacked the assistants (they were always late) … [Read more…]


  OsteoAlphabet is Greek, or something, for Bone Alphabet a piece by Brian Ferneyhough a staple among the percussion-lete elite.  In 2004, I created a computer application that can easily sequence, slow down and isolate the rhythmic matrices of Ferneyhough’s language.  The application is programmed in Pure Data and can be downloaded using the link … [Read more…]


Daydreams for marimba and electronic synthesis and spatialization was composed by Philippe Boesmans in 1991.  The score is unpublished and the original digital realization was produced in Liege, Belgium by Patrick Delges.  The technology of the 1991 version used a K & K marimba pick up system that converted acoustic to MIDI information, an AKAI … [Read more…]

Lejos del Silencio

Rodrigo Sigal  “Rimbarimba” for marimba and electronics David Birchfield  “Community Art: Resonant Energy” David Birchfield  “Community Art: Resonant Energy version II” Padma Newsome  “4 Tales from Mangrove Mountain” The project was produced and coordinated by percussionist Robert Esler and partially funded by FideMex-USA a grant that encourages interaction between Mexican and US artists. The goal … [Read more…]