Solo for Melody Instrument

dr_rhythm_med.pngSolo for Melody Instrument and Feedback Loop by Karlheinz Stockhausen.  This work is for any melodic instrument and uses a Schema to construct a score and execute the various assistant’s controls of the Feedback Loop.
In my 2006 version, I sacked the assistants (they were always late) in favor of a semi-autonomous version
using a Pure Data patch for live performance.  Needless to say, my cavalier attitude got me some harsh criticism:

“UNTENABLE ARGUMENT!!!! Why not play Beethoven on a computer!!! these pieces are sculptural…why do a computer model?”

This quote is concerning the paper “Digital Autonomy in Electroacoustic Music: Re-forging Stockhausen.” What do you think?

DOWNLOAD: I have taken down the free download because I have found a few people out there using my work without proper credit.  Electronic music patches take a lot of work, effort and skill.  If you aren’t going to pay for it, then at least credit the author.  If you really want this realization then you can contact me (robert [at] urban stew {dot} org.