Groovology at PHX Maker Faire

Guess the Tempo

"Groovology" Guess the Tempo


is a skill-based game where people compete against themselves, and others, to test and analyze their groove-abilities. The game is inspired by a post-Guitar Hero world where good grooves can defeat evil.

Groovology is in it’s very early stages and will eventually evolve into an immersive game experience where beats battle and music is a skill for survival. Apropos to a gaming experience, Groovology will also indirectly study how people observe rhythm in comparison to how they hear rhythm. We live in a post-Rock Band and Guitar Hero world where music and gaming have been corrupted by the awesome tracks of Kansas and Motorhead.

A version of this application is currently being used for subject-based research at Arizona State University by phd candidate James Thomas. ┬áSo it’s like totally legit.