Cetus Square

Cetus Square is a generative, ambient music and soundscape application. The music this application creates will never repeat, and will never end until you say so. In the background you may hear whale-like sounds (i.e, the constellation Cetus), these are all generated too. None of the sounds you are hearing are recorded, which means you can listen to hours of music without huge file sizes.

This app is an experiment in the creation of what I call dynamic music, or music that is created as you listen. (This is also sometimes called procedural audio, or generative music.  But who really cares…)

Other posts on this website explain the algorithms used in this application’s creation (see: dynamo generative music)

Available for iOS and Android


Mic:  This feature uses the microphone.  Blow into the mic to create wind.  It is advised to use headphones when employing this feature to avoid feedback.

On: Turns on the generated background music.

Bing: Creates a “bing” sound.

Zzzz:  A one-hour sleep timer.

?: The ? button reminds you of all the above features.

NOTE: The music and sound may take about 5 seconds to begin.  The audio can also be heard in the background while you use other apps.

You cannot use the audio generated by Cetus Square for commercial purposes.  See our Terms of Service.