Code Repository

 I have a simple git repository at: It shows some of the Pure Data objects I’ve created for various projects.  It is not maintained for you to download and compile into a library.  You would have to do that on your own.  Though that is not to say I will not make that possible in … [Read more…]

The Amyloid Project

A collaboration between urbanSTEW and ASU Physics Professor Dr. Vaiana, the purpose of this project is to create a multifaceted artwork that will bring research about intrinsically disordered proteins to life.  Makezine just recently featured our work in progress, read more here: My main contribution to the project is the audio design and music composition. … [Read more…]

DynaMO – Generative Music Development Project

For many years I have wanted to develop a generative music system that uses passive interactivity.  Essentially, a system that generates music based on the users’ everyday activity. In 2012 I developed the first of a series of generative music objects, programmed in C++.  The first is simply called dynamo, which stands for Dynamic Musical … [Read more…]

The NEW Intonarumori (2013)

  In 1913 a group of Italian Futurists proposed a bold treatise, that noises (of all types) deserve to be included in the musical lexicon as equals to their instrumental equivalents.  With that being said, Luigi Russolo and Francesco Balilla Pratella decided to take this a step further and create quasi-instruments or rather Intonarumori to produce a bricolage … [Read more…]

X-Fest 2013 – Stockhausen

Another year another X-Fest.  This year we championed the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen.  To much of the appeal of the avant-garde community, Stockhausen writes music that is to some difficult (to say the least.)  When you program the music of this new music giant you are taking a risk, but most often a rewarding risk. … [Read more…]

Raspberry Pi-2-Pi I/O

Streaming input/output on the Raspberry Pi using Pure Data by urbanSTEW Posted Nov. 21st, 2012 For a few months there has been a clear issue in executing simultaneous I/O using the Raspberry Pi and Pure Data. The basic problem was that you could get either input (using a USB interface) or output but not at … [Read more…]


Our talk focused on the common issue in digital art of computing performance vs. cost.  How do artists utilize portable computing devices (e.g the Arduino, BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi) to suit their artistic needs?  It is a cost benefit analyst that gets quite complex.  One device is easier to use but not as powerful, the other … [Read more…]

How to Cook a Munchkin

A new piece by Lisa Tolentino and myself as part of our group Rules of Play.  This piece was performed for the Tempe storytelling event “The Feast” at Tempe Community Christian Church. The piece uses recipes that were written by children from the Ishikawa Elementary School approximately ten years ago.  One of the teachers from … [Read more…]


On June 21st, 2012, as part of the Make Music New York festival, dozens of vibraphonists around the world took part in the World Wide Vexations project, a Doug Perkins and Amy Garapic joint.  My part was in Phoenix, AZ with approximately eight – ten colleagues.  Vexations is a piece by Erik Satie that is … [Read more…]