Code Repository

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.19.50 AM I have a simple git repository at:

It shows some of the Pure Data objects I’ve created for various projects.  It is not maintained for you to download and compile into a library.  You would have to do that on your own.  Though that is not to say I will not make that possible in the future.

The benefit of creating your own externals and testing them via Pd is:

  1. You get the backend of Pd (scheduler, dsp lib, GUI)
  2. They tend to run more efficiently than creating the algorithm in Pd alone.
  3. Practice your DSP coding skills!

Here is a list and short description of what is there:

  • bitcrusher~ – variable bit depth applied to an incoming signal
  • bitOsc~ – a variable bit oscillator
  • binavg~ – a spectral averaging algorithm
  • reorder – takes four numbers and reorders them from low to high.  I used this to order the pitches of a tetrachord.