conText: An ElectroAcoustic Music Concert

conText was a concert program that I presented with several other collaborators at the following times and locations: Sept. 6th @ 7pm at ASU West’s Art Gallery Sept. 14th @ 7:30pm in the GCC Performing Arts Center My collaborators were with the Phoenix duo known as Pincushioned which consists of Dr. Doug Nottingham (GCC and … [Read more…]

libpd Xcode projects

I have created two projects based in Xcode for Mac OS 10.8.  They use the libpd audio synthesis library which in my opinion is the best sounding and easiest to use audio synthesis library I am aware of.  The first project uses only C.  I took the libpd C example and added an audio port using … [Read more…]

Code Repository

 I have a simple git repository at: It shows some of the Pure Data objects I’ve created for various projects.  It is not maintained for you to download and compile into a library.  You would have to do that on your own.  Though that is not to say I will not make that possible in … [Read more…]

Four Scenes from the Urban Southwest

A sample of a recent work composed and produced for the Arts and Business Council of Greater Phoenix. Four Scenes from the Urban Southwest (composed by Robert Esler and Lisa Tolentino)