X-Fest 2013 – Stockhausen

bauchAnother year another X-Fest.  This year we championed the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen.  To much of the appeal of the avant-garde community, Stockhausen writes music that is to some difficult (to say the least.)  When you program the music of this new music giant you are taking a risk, but most often a rewarding risk.

We performed works that to my knowledge have not been performed in Arizona before, the full list of works includes:


Freundschaft – with Keith Kelly, saxophone and CONDER dance

Musik im Bauch – with Crossing 32nd Street

Kontakte – Breet Reed and Karl Schindler


Zyklus – Simone Mancuso

Refrain – Jacob Adler, Ashley Oakley and myself

Originale – most of the arts community of Greater Phoenix

(The picture above is the work of Erin Muller and Jeremy Muller)