Groovology II

Groovology II is the second installation of a series of games designed to learn and create music.  This project is a collaboration with Stejpan Rajko of urbanSTEW who has developed a majority of the graphical programming.  My part has been the audio design and programming.  We are using Processing with libpd, consult this page for … [Read more…]

libpd with Processing

Since early January 2012 I have been working with libpd, which is an embedded library allowing developers to use Pure Data as a sound engine in their applications.  If you have not used Pure Data it is a patcher language for audio synthesis and MIDI developed by Miller Puckette many years ago.  It’s sister language, … [Read more…]

Groovology at PHX Maker Faire

urbanSTEW's "Groovology"

Groovolgy is a skill-based game where people compete against themselves, and others, to test and analyze their groove-abilities. The game is inspired by a post-Guitar Hero world where good grooves can defeat evil. Groovology is in it’s very early stages and will eventually evolve into an immersive game experience where beats battle and music is … [Read more…]

Radio Healer

Taken from “Radio Healer is an art project facilitated through patient and respectful cross-cultural partnerships between artists of Native American, Chicano, Ilocano, European, and Euro-American backgrounds. These partnerships form dialogues where artists mentor each other to create ritual performances that demonstrate respectful, accountable, and co-intentional collaboration. Radio Healer contributes to the health and vitality … [Read more…]

Philippines Workshop

Rob Teaching

This past summer, 2011, Lisa Tolentino and I taught a group of approximately 20 students in the Philippines how to play and perform music and use a variety of open source software to create digital media.  We focused on teaching the students abstract concepts that directly relate to computational thinking.  Music was perfect for this. … [Read more…]

Desert, Forest, Tundra

Desert, Forest, Tundra was an experiment and performative artistic work that took place over two and half years and three locations.  Desert took place in Carrizo Badlands in the Anza Borrego State Park in California, Feb. 26th, 2006.  Forest took place in Sandwich, NH on the property of Jerry Dodge, a family friend, September 30th, … [Read more…]