R. Esler

I am:

  • a musician
  • a percussionist
  • a teacher
  • a computer musician and artist

I make:

  • music
  • computer applications
  • art

I collaborate with:

I work:

  • Professor at Glendale Community College, Music Technology
  • as a Director of an arts non-profit, urbanSTEW
  • as a musician

I study:

  • human music interaction
  • generative music design
  • computer music and computer science
  • sound design
  • indigenous music of the Philippines
  • phenomenology of performance

I code:

  • C/C++
  • C# for Unity
  • Obj-C (Only when I have to)
  • HTML5/Javascript (When necessary)
  • Pd++, my pure data (Pd) based C++ library
  • pd-cordova, my cordova plugin that uses libpd

I love:

  • games and game audio/music
  • teaching motivated students
  • making new art
  • to read about new ideas
  • to talk with honest and interesting people
  • my wife and family

One thought on “About

  1. hey Robert,
    Was just checking out your work and your Dynamo project and thought I would pass along this project I recently completed that I think you’ll dig. It’s a semi-passive responsive generative music app for iPhone that use GPS movement, lunar phase, time of day, etc to transform how the music unfolds in real-time.


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